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Intellitix RFID Cashless payments for events and festivals

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Game-Changing RFID Event Solutions

Take Your Event to the Next Level with Cashless Payments!

Increase Revenue 15-30%
RFID wristbands allow you to go "cashless". Letting your patrons make purchases using their wristbands generate revenue increases of between 15-30%!
Reduce Line Ups
Long line ups are the #1 complaint of event-goers. With Cashless you can reduce wait time by up to 15 minutes! Access control gets them in faster and cashless reduces waits at vendor locations.

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What are the benefits of a Cashless RFID system?

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Benefits of RFID and Cashless payments
Electric Zoo
Taste Festivals
Ryder Cup
Collect Data and Gain Insights
Collect a treasure trove of data, to gain insight to your attendee behaviour, demographics, and affinities. 
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